New Digital Journalism Lessons @Univr

Over the last two weeks I had the opportunity to talk at Verona University during some multimedia journalism classes. Going back to the rooms of the Department of Journalism where I studied is always a very exciting experience, especially when I look at new students eyes and facial expressions, so full of energy and in need of new adventures. They want to see the world and feel and learn as many things as they can. They remind me that enthusiasm and passion are essential, at work as well in life.

Here I posted the slides of the two latest lessons I curated. During the first one, we talked about the state of online media organizations in Italy and I tried to give students who wish to work as journalists and, in general, as content producers in the digital age some practical pieces of advice.Then, we took a look of the main techniques needed to write efficient online content (old slides).

The second lesson was dedicated to the use of data in a journalistic report. I became passionate about this issue last year, when I attended The School of Data-driven Journalism in Perugia (Italy). Since then, I developed a special interest in open data, open knowledge and open source issues. I particularly enjoyed sharing this drive with new students, even if 90% of them had never heard before about data analysis and visualization issues. There is still a kind of resistance from both traditional and new journalists to deal with statistics and databases. The problem is that they teach us that humanities and science are two completely and opposite worlds: if you belong to one, you don’t have the skills to be part of the other one. I don’t believe it. As journalists and researchers we should be curious about the world both from a qualitative and a quantitative perspective. And, if we want, we definitely can.

A special thanks to Martina Aldegheri, Alessio Sartore, Valeria Gennari, Maurizio Napolitano, Cristian Consonni, Alessandro Zonin and all the other friends, journalists and researchers that ever day inspire me.



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