Publications & Talks

Peer-reviewed publications

Neff, T., Kaiser, J., Pasquetto, I., Jemielniak, D., Dimitrakopoulou, D., Grayson, S., … & Zhang, A. (2021). Vaccine hesitancy in online spaces: A scoping review of the research literature, 2000-2020. Harvard Kennedy School Misinformation Review. DOI:

*Best Paper* Pierre, J., Crook, R., Currie, M., Paris., B., Pasquetto, I.V. (2021) Getting Ourselves Together: Epistemic Burden and Data-centered Participatory Design Research. ACM CHI Conference 2021 Online. DOI:

Scroggins, M., Pasquetto, I.V. (2020). Labor Out of Place: On the Varieties and Valences of (In) visible Labor in Data-Intensive Science. Engaging Science, Technology, and Society, 6, 111-132. DOI:

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*Best Paper* Pasquetto, I.V., Borgman, C.L., Wofford, M.F. (2019). Uses and Reuses of Scientific Data: The Data Creators’ Advantage. Harvard Data Science Review. DOI:

Wofford, M., Boscoe, B. M., Borgman, C.L., Pasquetto, I.V., & Golshan, M. (2019). Jupyter notebooks as discovery mechanisms for open science: Citation practices in the astronomy community. Computing in Science & Engineering. DOI:

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Book chapters

Pasquetto, I.V., (2021) Conspiring Above the Law: The Growth of Disinformation Infrastructures Across Europe. Book chapter in Rule of Law: Strategies, Experiences, and Interpretations. Ronzani Editore Press. URL:

Paris, B., Pierre, J., Pasquetto, I.V., Currie, M. (2021) Police Accountability & Data Burden. Book chapter in Data Justice and the Right to the City. University of Exeter Press.

Public-facing writing

Caniglia, C. S., Pasquetto, I. V., Gullo, A., Riotta, G. (2021). Come individuare e contrastare operazioni coordinate di disinformazioni in Italia. Public Report published by the LUISS University (Rome, Italy). (in Italian)

Pasquetto I.V., Nilsen J. (2021) “The Abortion-Breast Cancer Myth: A Cloaked Science Case Study,” The Media Manipulation Case Book, URL:

Pasquetto, I.V., Swire-Thompson, B., Amazeen, M.A., Benevenuto, F., Brashier, N.M., Bond, R.M., Bozarth, L.C., Budak, C., Ecker, U.K.H. , Fazio, L.K., Ferrara, E., Flanagin, A.J., Flammini, A., Freelon, D., Grinberg, N., Hertwig, R., Jamieson, K.H., Joseph, K., Jones, J.J. …Yang, K.C. (2020). Tackling misinformation: What researchers could do with social media data. Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) Misinformation Review, 1(8). DOI:

Pasquetto, I.V., Jahani, E., Baranovsky, A., Baum, M.A. (2020). Understanding Misinformation on Mobile Instant Messengers (MIMs) in Developing Countries. Report published by the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School.

Invited talks

Irene V. Pasquetto (2021). Data Quality and Other Factors that Enable Data Reuse in Science. Invited talk for the “Changing the Culture of Data Management and Sharing” Workshop. Organized by The National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine.

Brian T. Friedberg, Irene V. Pasquetto (2021). Media Manipulation and Medical Misinformation Online: Approaches to Documentation and Mitigation. Invited talk for the “Media and Medicine Certificate Program” at Harvard Medical University, Boston, MA, US

Pasquetto, I.V., Wofford, M.F., (2020). Uses and reuses of science data: the data creators advantage. Invited talk for Social Informatics Research Symposium organized by ASIS&T SIG SI alongside SIG SM (Social Media) and IEP (Information Ethics & Policy)

Pasquetto, I.V., (2020). Mis- and disinformation in American Presidential Elections. Invited talk for the Election days: Digital news matter panel. Internet Festival (Pisa, Italy)

Pasquetto, I.V., (2020). Mis/disinformation, fake news, and their impact on social cohesion: what does the evidence tell us? Invited talk for Governance and Peacebuilding Team of UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub for Europe and Central Asia

Pasquetto, I.V., Jahani, E., Baranovsky, A., and Baum, M.A. (2020). The Role of Social Ties in Debunking Online Misinformation. IC2S2 2020, Boston, US
Brittany Paris, Pasquetto, I.V., (2020). Hidden Virality: An Analysis of Epistemic Injustice and Online Movements. 4S/EASST Conference 2020, Prague, EU

Faust, J., McNealy, J., and Pasquetto, I.V. (2020). Science is Politics by Other Means. Big, If True Webinar, hosted by Joan Donovan. Shorenstein Center for Media, Politics, and Public Policy.

Pasquetto, I.V., Friedberg, B.T. (2020). Disinformation: Approaches and Tactics in the US Context., Invited talk for Distribute 2020, Society for Cultural Anthropology (SCA) and the Society for Visual Anthropology (SVA) Joint Conference, Toronto, Canada

Pasquetto, I.V., Caniglia, C.S. (2020). Hate Speech on Social Media: A European Case. Invited talk for the Center for European Studies (CES), Harvard University. Cambridge, USA

Pasquetto, I.V., Caniglia, C.S (2020). De-platforming neo-fascists in Italy: impacts and unexpected consequences. Invited talk for the Misinformation, Media Manipulation, and Antisemitism symposium at the Italian Academy, Columbia University, New York City, NY, US

Pasquetto, I.V., Friedberg, B.T. (2020). Beware of the Manipulators: Science Misinformation & Bad Actors. Invited talk for the “Media and Medicine” training program at Harvard Medical University, Boston, MA, US

Pasquetto, I.V. (2018). Managing Data to Manage Evidence: Social and Technical Challenges. Invited talk for the 2018 European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) Meeting. Parma, Italy

Pasquetto, I.V. (2018). Beyond Privacy: The Emerging Ethics of Data Reuse. Invited talk for Cochrane Colloquium 2018. Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Conference planning and organization

[co-organizer] Critical Futures: exploring the place and practice of critical informatics training in iSchools. Virtual Interactive Session at iConference 2021

[co-organizer] The 2nd Knowledge Infrastructure Workshop (2020). UCLA Center for Knowledge Infrastructures. Los Angeles, CA, US

[co-organizer] Comparative Approaches to Disinformation Conference (2019). Berkman Klein Center For Internet & Society, Harvard Law School, Boston, MA, US

[co-organizer] Interrupting Open Science: The Use, Reuse, and Misuse of Research Data and Code (2019). 4S/EASST Conference, New Orleans, Luisiana, US