News coverage

Selected interviews

Coronavirus: the student translators battling Middle East misinformation, The National, April 2020

Sam Bojarski, Health Workers In Haiti Play Critical Role Stemming False Information, The Haitian Times, April 2020.

Ben Collins, False coronavirus rumors surge in ‘hidden viral’ text messages, NBC News, March 2020.

Alex Ward, Mike Bloomberg tweeted a doctored debate video. Is it political spin or disinformation?,, February 2020.

Payton Kammerer, Google’s expansion into health care industry draws privacy concerns, The Daily Bruin, February 2020.

Henning Due, Science Must Be Free, special issue on open science, Psychology Magazine (in Danish), November 2019.

Harmon, J. Irene Pasquetto: Doctoral Student Explores Databases as Tools for Social Change, Ampersand, 10 February, 2015.

Press covering the SoCal Climate Data Projection Project:

Khan, A. (21 Jan., 2017) Fearing Climate Change Databases May Be Threatened in Trump Era, UCLA Scientists Work to Protect Them. Los Angeles Times.

Schlanger, Z. (21 Jan., 2017) Hackers Downloaded Climate Data and Stored it on European Servers As Trump Was Being Inaugurated. Quartz Magazine.

Markley, S. (25 Jan., 2017) Inside the Race to Save Climate Data in the Age of Trump. Paste Magazine.

Deanna, N. (25 Jan., 2017) Grad Students Organize Hackathon to Preserve At-Risk Climate Change Data. Daily Bruin.

Press covering the POI-H project:

Harmon, J. “UCLA IS Students Host Hackathon to Examine Imprecise Data Sets on Police Brutality“, Ampersand, 27 January, 2015.

Ni, B. “Hackathon on Police Brutality Data,” The Daily Bruin, 17 February, 2015.

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